2022 Reflections and Highlights

The year 2022 marked a true new beginning for me, with healing becoming more steady and evident. I gained back all my weight (lost during my bout with cancer), more stamina and strength, and I’ve also gained the courage to put into play the beginnings of a more meaningful life. Taking risks in the name of happiness and growth are priority, from signing a book-publishing contract to giving romance a chance—life has become more enriched with choices that foster purpose and bliss.

And so is staying healthy. I still pace myself and rest is a must, like our cats who nap, a natural part of their daily recovery process, I, like Samantha Jo, still take naps as needed and get to bed as early as possible (by 9:30 p.m. is best) on a regular basis. Well…except for New Year’s Eve, when I actually made it past midnight.

I’m making daily conscious efforts to detach from stress and embrace happiness. Often times, joyful moments happen around us all the time. We just have to see them.

Seeing Samantha thriving in her own sense of joy and in her recovery from chronic idiopathic cystitis triggers such contentedness and is one of life’s treasures for me. And to multiply the joy she generates is watching her interact with her new Cat Daddy. They lavish each other with unabashed adoration.

They’re at it again…

I am also purposefully creating happiness by instigating and saying yes to opportunities that tug at my soul’s calling. Not to say I haven’t done this in the past…it all just lost sight from me for so long. Sometimes life’s daily grind takes over and our dreams get lost in the shuffle.

In 2008 I started writing a story that I thought would make a wonderful children’s book. Long at last, Two Cats, a Mermaid and the Disappearing Moon will launch sometime in spring of 2023! You’ll recognize the characters, Topper, Lexington and Bella as they take center stage in this story about the mystery and magic of Mother Nature.

This music-loving cat lady co-hosted a radio show, which was a childhood dream-come-true and truly, a highlight of the year and of my life thus far. Thank you, again, KX FM radio host Steve Reid!

My inner cowgirl got to ride again! It had been since 2017 that I’d rode a horse. Cowboy hats off to my beau, who arranged a trail ride to celebrate a momentous birthday I had in June.

Year 2022 ended with glorious Christmas holiday, being able to spend time with many family members for the first time in years. And for those I missed…I hope to see you in 2023. And the year’s grand finale was a New Year’s Eve celebration in the cozy cottage with Cat Daddy and Samantha Jo; a little wine, homemade marinara over spaghetti, some lively 70s funk/soul music, lots of dancing, a game of Charades, and lots of laughter.

Cat Daddy cooking, Samatha supervising…

Happy New Year and Happy Mew Year to all!

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18 Responses to 2022 Reflections and Highlights

  1. Leah says:

    It’s wonderful to see you doing so well! Happy New Year to you and Samantha and Cat Daddy! Congrats and concats on all your accomplishments, I look forward to reading your book!

  2. These wonderful photos and your smile say it all, Pam. Bless you, my beautiful friend. Samantha Jo and Cat Daddy are so fortunate to share all that love and positivity. Cannot wait to celebrate your book launch and well deserved successes! Xoxo

  3. Joyce Bergeron says:

    I pray this will be your best year ever!! You certainly deserve it, Pam. Sending love, joy and happiness from cuz Joyce on Bainbridge Island..

  4. catladymac says:

    Happy New Year to you and Samantha !

  5. Marilyn J Evans says:

    FABULOUS PHOTOS!!!!! And the weird thing is your color scheme and Paulaine’s are the same! You also have some other things in common: Cancer, for one, and me for another. Love you and Samantha and of course, Steve.

  6. Love it Pam!

  7. Susan Brown Matsumoto says:

    So glad to see you are living your best life and enjoying every moment. You are truly an inspiration to me and others. I love your images capturing precious moments in time. Samantha Jo has blossomed and looks quite content and happy, and what a beautiful model! Continue to seize each day to the fullest!

  8. What a lovely catch-up post. You take wonderful photos of Samantha Jo. It sounds like you’re doing well!! Here’s to a wonderful 2023. Perhaps we will see each other at some cat event this year. I only just missed you at that cat show in Costa Mesa.

  9. Karen says:

    Happy New Year, Pam, Samantha and Cat Daddy! I am so happy you are all thriving, and I can’t wait to read your book when it comes out. Best wishes for a Happy and Healthy 2023 filled with wonder and joy!

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