About the Canyon

Sawdust Full MoonThe cats and I lived in Laguna Canyon—or to locals, simply, the “Canyon” from 2004 to the summer of 2018. Living in that rustic wonderland has gotten me more in touch with, and appreciative of our natural environment. While I now live closer to the ocean, I’m still within walking distance to trailheads leading me back to the Canyon, and the community in which I now live is referred to as Boat Canyon.

IMG_1598Whether it’s hiking the ridgelines and ravines of the Canyon or watching a full moon rise over the treetops, the Canyon connects me to nature; it feeds my soul.

And being a cat lady, the fact that bobcats and mountain lions lurk in the Canyon is fascinating to me. I’ve never seen either, yet I’m always hopeful when I hear rustling in the underbrush during a hike. To be in the presence of one of these wild felines would be awesome—from a distance of course.

Lucky for those of us who are intrigued with the wild side of life, Mother Nature offers a little slice of the wild that we can bring into our homes.  Domestic cats are only a few genes away from their wildcat ancestors. Their innate primal behavior isn’t much different from their wildcat cousins. So if I never see a mountain lion or bobcat on a hike in the Canyon, I don’t have to look far to get a glimpse into their world–I’ve got two wildcats of my own.




And then there are the other 47 cats in my life that also live in the Canyon; the residents at the Blue Bell Foundation for Cats, a cat sanctuary on Laguna Canyon Road.

My cats, wild cats, cats in a sanctuary—all in the Canyon.

What better place for a cat lady to be?

2 Responses to About the Canyon

  1. Roy says:

    Hi there, I love Laguna, I’ve been there many times. I live in Long Beach which I don’t like atl that much but it’s better that nothing. Anyway, I have a 14 year old cat named Trooper who was just diagnosed with diabetes, hoping to get some good info from your site, Anyway, nice to meet you neighbor.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Roy, thank you for reading and for connecting with me. As you may have read, my cat Lexington had diabetes, but it went into remission and has not returned. If you haven’t read, learn about what I experienced and learned under my February 2015 blogs. What kind of cat is Tropper? On Laguna…it is magical with it’s beauty and arts/music scene.

      Happy New Year and best of luck with Trooper.


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