A Barn Owl and the Shooting Star

Today, November 20th, Samantha Jo turned three-years-old! I never knew the birthdays of any of my other cats, only their approximate ages. So, a few weeks ago I thought, how fun would it be to have a birthday celebration for Samantha? But before I knew it her special day crept up on me and I’d not planned anything. What kind of cat mama am I to let her birthday celebration planning sneak out of sight?

I’d envisioned having her cat daddy and my cat-loving girlfriends over to the cottage, sipping champagne and singing Happy Birthday to Samantha, who would be busy batting her kitty soccer balls around, yet stopping to receive pets and snuggles from her adoring people while weaving in and out of our legs.  She would then melt the crowd by rolling onto her back and wriggling from side to side, inviting tummy rubs.

But seasonal festivities, that day-job thing, my labors of love: working on my children’s book publishing process and participating in Blue Bell Foundation for Cats events stole time away from Samantha’s party planning.

Helped decorate Blue Bell’s Christmas tree at Sawdust Festival’s Winter Fantasy

I found “purrmaid” wrapping paper!

Although, Samantha probably thinks every day is her birthday as I lavish her with random gifts, like the Gibson Flying V catnip guitar (move over Joe Bonamassa!) that I picked-up at Cat Con, made by Crochet Kitty and those wooden balls she loves to bat around the cottage that I recently found at Laguna Art Supply.  Not to mention the “birthday” kisses she gets every day.

Samantha channeling  Jimi Hendrix

The day is still young, and I’ll come up with a little something special for her, but as you all know, every day is a birthday party for our precious furry family members.

* * *

I instigated an impromptu birthday celebration in the late afternoon, with a visit from Cat Daddy and Auntie Marilyn. We made a toast to Queen Sassy Pants and she enjoyed snuggles and our admiration at what a healthy, happy and darling girl she’s become.

The celebration was winding down when I happened to look up into the almost-dark twilight sky. I saw the majestic wingspan of a barn owl as she gracefully flew over the neighborhood towards the hills of the canyon. I walked out into the yard to get a closer look. And as she disappeared into the distance, a shooting star fell slowly from the indigo sky, soring downwards towards the ocean with its tail trailing behind.

I couldn’t have planned a more purrrfect birthday celebration.

Bonus Video!  Watch Samantha play ball on her birthday…

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18 Responses to A Barn Owl and the Shooting Star

  1. Leah says:

    A lovely birthday for beautiful Samantha! The pictures of her are just darling!

  2. Herman says:

    Wishing Samantha Jo a Happy Birthday! Love that beautiful guitar. Glad to see you all had a great party and a good time!

  3. Jeanni Nonemaker says:

    Adorable and Happy Birthday 🎉🎂 🎈 Samantha

  4. thunderb61 says:

    A belated Happy Birthday to Samantha. We had an owl hooting early this morning. Maybe the same owl??

  5. catladymac says:

    Happy Purrthday Samantha !

  6. 15andmeowing says:

    Looks like a great celebration. Happy Birthday Samantha!

  7. Marilyn J Evans says:

    I’m famous!!! Oh, I really loved all the beautiful photos and especially the bonus video! I was so happy to celebrate with all of you!!!!!

  8. Aww, a very big happy birthday to Samantha…from Mr. Harley! I love the video.

  9. Robin Merchant says:

    She’s precious and so are you! Sending hugs to you and Samantha.♥️

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