I Have Cats…Not Kids

After a guest spot on Laguna’s very own radio station, KX93.5 yesterday morning during which I educated listeners about our local cat sanctuary, the Blue Bell Foundation for Cats, I went to the Farmer’s Market to buy some fresh flowers. The vendor thanked me and cheerfully said, “Happy Mother’s Day!” I could have informed her that I don’t have any children, which I’ve done before in response to Mother’s Day well wishes from strangers. Rather, I smiled and said, “Thank you—you too!”


I chose cats over kids. It wasn’t a conscious decision; I just never had the kid calling when I was in my 20s, when most women want to have babies. It hit me when I was about 38 and with a boyfriend who didn’t want children. I had two cats at the time, Punkie and Frankie and reasoned that they satisfied my later-in-life calling to have babies.

punkie and pam

Blue Eyes to Gold Eyes_edited-2

Baby Frankie

That worked until we broke-up about four years later, leaving me single, in my early 40s and the yearning to have a baby came back. I entertained adoption…for about five minutes. A single woman working a paralegal job with long hours taking on a baby…I looked at Punkie and Frankie and thought, I have children. They were furry, had tails and said “meow” instead of “mommy” but they needed my love, attention and care; and I found great reward in providing all that to them. And in return, I received unconditional love, joy, and had a sense of duty that a mom of a human baby might have. I realized I was okay without kids. I had a full and rewarding life and I would use my caretaking “mommy” skills on cats and the kids in my life that weren’t mine.


I no longer feel compelled to clarify to strangers that I do not have children, because I do.

Hide and Seek 027

Happy Mother’s Day to moms of kids–and kids of a furry kind!


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16 Responses to I Have Cats…Not Kids

  1. Rachel Ault says:

    well done..dear one..Happy mothers’ Day..xxxxxx
    Auntie Rachel

  2. 15andmeowing says:

    I have similar feelings and also chose cats over kids- without regret.

  3. Denise says:

    Great pics! This is almost exactly how I feel except for the brief adoption thoughts you had. I’ve adopted strays for most of my life until several years ago when I stopped because of financial strain.

    Reminds me of another article where one mom told a woman who definitely didn’t want kids, “You’ll change your mind.”

    • Denise, thank you! Your help with the strays is wonderful work. I think we who don’t have children find other ways to nurture and care for others in need, and I think some who have children might not be able to relate to that.

  4. Oh how I LOVE this! You need to repeat this EVERY YEAR! I feel exactly the same. When I was young I was dying to have kids (but like you, it turned out to not be in the cards)……..give me the unconditional love of our pets ANY day! Happy Kitty Mama Day! catchatwithcarenandcody

  5. Barbara Kaye-May says:

    And I thoroughly enjoy being a grandmother to those darling kitties too.

  6. So gorgeous! I love the over-the-rug-under-the-rug photo, it’s like a fluffy, kittyfied yin-yang. symbol. Wanna squeeze.

  7. Lori DeNuccio says:

    Happy Mother’s Day!
    I love my three furry nephews

  8. multibreeds77 says:

    Hi, Pamela! Nice pictures! Have you ever heard the story why Mackerels have the ‘M’ on their forehead? The reason going way back when little baby Jesus was laying in its manger shivering. His mother Mary was trying to keep him warm to stop the shivering without any success. She asked the surrounding animals standing closer around the cradle, still, no success. Suddenly, a little cat jumped in the cradle and snuggled with Jesus. He stopped shivering instantly. As a sign of her gratitude, she marked the cat’s forehead with the ‘M’.

    • Hello! Thank you so much for you kind words about my photos and for sharing the very interesting story! I’ve not heard that and find it so sweet! All my kitties have the classic tabby markings, including the M on their forehead and know I know why. 🙂


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