Cat Lady’s Easter in the Canyon

Spring has sprung, and after a winter of working long hours and hibernating from the rain, I’ve taken heed to the call of the Great Outdoors.


My deck, once again, is serving as a second living room for the cat crew and me. It’s also where I enjoyed an Easter get-together with friends Lori and Bob after a morning hike.


I was looking forward to Easter service at Laguna Presbyterian Church…but my desire to get out and smell the blooming wildflowers, and the need to get my muscles moving and some energy circulating lead me to an outdoor service of my very own on top of a ridge in Laguna Canyon.





As I revered the view and inhaled the scent of sage scrub and wild flowers, I thanked God for the rain that brought lush foliage back to the canyon, and for the abounding beauty that it rendered. It was just me, the song birds and two majestic hawks circling above—no choir, no story of Jesus’ resurrection, yet I felt very close to the Almighty at that moment, and am certain that Jesus understood my impromptu change in plans.



Meanwhile, back at the cottage (well, okay, condo but to me it’s a cottage), Lexington and Topper were gearing-up for our Easter Sunday celebration.

“Lex, what’s up with these rabbits?  They don’t move.  How d’ya chase rabbits that don’t move?”

“They’re fake–ya know, decorations.  We’re supposed to think they’re cute.”

Seriously?  I thought we were the cute ones.”

“At least she didn’t make YOU wear the bunny ears.”


And Bobcat…well, he was just hangin’ around the deck…looking for mice images in shadows.

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8 Responses to Cat Lady’s Easter in the Canyon

  1. Barbara Kaye-May says:

    Some great photos Pam. I shared on Facebook – hope you get some new readers.

  2. Lori DeNuccio says:

    Perfect story,. Love the pictures!

  3. trishmorse1 says:

    Great Easter Story! Loved all the photos of the wildflowers and the kitties with the Easter
    bunnies!! Left me with a smile on my face! So Cute!!

  4. 15andmeowing says:

    Such cute kitties.

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