Colds and Comfort Cats

Are we done already with cold and flu season? I mean, enough. I’m still hearing of people getting that insatiable cold and debilitating flu, and it’s March! Like so many others, most of my holiday season was spent being sick and recovering. Hot tea, gallons of water, homemade chicken soup, fruits and vegetables were my daily diet ritual along with natural cold/sinus healing remedies.


Yet, after weeks of diligent attempts at natural healing, I still felt pretty much like what the cat dragged in.


It was time to resort to over-the-counter meds to quell the debilitating symptoms: Nyquil, Theraflu and mega doses of Sudafed helped, but I finally went to the doctor and was put on prednisone and antibiotics, which finally nixed the inflammation and killed the bug. I don’t know how I would have managed without my nursemaids, Lexington, Topper and Bobcat, who dutifully followed my every move from grabbing another Kleenex box to pouring yet another cup of tea. Lex was on tissue duty, making sure I never ran out.

Even in living a healthful lifestyle, we can still succumb to sickness, especially if we are overstressed, which was my case. Nutrition, hydration, a good night’s sleep and exercise are key for optimum health (and are especially important when we are rundown)—just take note from my healthy cat crew. All those catnaps, nutritious food, and lots of kitten-like play keep their health in check.

It’s been two years since Lexington’s diabetes went into remission and I credit a lot of his recovery to removing grain from his diet (along with wonderful veterinary care). I learned through his illness how crucial proper nutrition is to feline health, just as it is for human folk.

I recently discovered an excellent feline nutritional resource infographic produced by, which is quite useful in making informed decisions about what to feed your feline family member(s). Many of’s recommendations for the best cat food (based on scientific research and analysis) are some of the brands I’ve been feeding my clowder. Find out what came up with and how they conducted their research: – quick-guide

I’m grateful to be finally feeling like a kitten again.



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7 Responses to Colds and Comfort Cats

  1. Barbara Kaye-May says:

    So happy you are feeling so much better.

  2. Lori DeNuccio says:

    It’s always a pleasure to read about you and the Kitty’s, I have a big smile on my face! Happy to hear your feeling better, you kitten goddess!

  3. 15andmeowing says:

    Kitties make the best nurses. Your cats are adorable.

  4. Charles Huss says:

    My cats seem to be more affectionate when they know I am not feeling well. I recently showed someone how to make homemade cat food because she wants to cure her cat’s diabetes naturally.

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