Cat Ladies at Cook’s Corner

A cat mom doesn’t get cards on Mother’s Day, that is, unless her own mother understands that her daughter’s cats are her kids—thank you, Mom! I celebrated the holiday with my mom and family a day early, and spent Mother’s Day celebrating with my beau at Cook’s Corner, the iconic California biker bar, listening to one of my favorite musical talents—the Tricia Freeman Band. I left Laguna Canyon for Trabuco Canyon where I met several moms enjoying the music. Tricia and the boys rocked Cook’s with songs from my childhood, a few contemporary tunes and a little country with a raucous number by Miranda Lambert, “Mama’s Broken Heart.” Tricia, leading the band with her powerful vocals was graced with the presence of her family in the audience, including daughter and grandkids—a very sweet sight.

IMG_2185Indeed, it was a family affair, especially at the end of the day when a group photo of all the moms was in the process of being organized. “You need to be in the picture,” said a new acquaintance to me. “I don’t have kids, I have cats,” I laughed. “So do I!” said Laurie, who at one time had six cats!  She is now down to just one. I suddenly felt much more at home. We both got in the photo—and when the clicking of the cameras was done, we couldn’t stop talking about our “kids.”


No, I don’t have children.  But after raising cats for half of my life, I’ve learned that being a mom isn’t necessarily restricted to being a parent of children. Cats are just 3-year-olds with four legs, fur, whiskers and a tail who never grow-up.

Bella in Basket

Hide ‘n’ go seek

Picture 047

Nap time


Can we go out to play….pleeeeezzz?!

With the rustic canyon backdrop to great live music, mingling with music lovers and lively conversation with a fellow cat lover, I had a purrrfect Mother’s Day.

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  1. Barbara Kaye-May says:

    Good one Pam. I have tried to “Like” this but since I’m not a blogger it won’t let me BUT I did share it on FB so maybe you’ll get some new readers from that.Love ,Mom

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