Cat Christmas Recap

Christmas has come and gone and 2015 is almost here! Where did the time go?  It seems that the cats and I were just taking down the Halloween decorations (Yes, the cats lend me a paw; they jump into the trunk of costumes right after I’ve neatly folded them).  With the holidays being so busy, there isn’t much time for reading blogs, so this one will be short, sweet and for your viewing pleasure.  As Rod Stewart sang, “…Every picture tells a story, don’t it?”  Check it out:


“Oh, joy, it’s Christmas,” quips Topper after I decorated him like a Christmas tree.


Meet Bob Cat–a neighbor cat whose frequent visits seemed to have turned to permanent residency since his family moved up the street, and who could very well be Topper’s long-lost brother.  He seemed unimpressed by the decorative jester collar.

DSCN2200 - Version 2

“Mom, do I really have to wear this thing?” moans Lexington.

X-Mas 2011 002

“Waddya mean I can’t eat the pretty flower?!”  Sorry, Topper, don’t even think about taking a bite.  Poinsettias are lovely, yet toxic to cats (and dogs).  The flower in this picture was whisked away after the photo op.  Other holiday plants even more toxically dangerous to cats and dogs are holly and mistletoe.

IMG_1261What every cat lady should have on her bookshelf during the holidays.

And on her Christmas tree…


The oh so cute kitty angel ornament, which I put next to one of my kitty angels, was a Christmas present.  Thanks, Mom!


Purrrfect cat lady Christmas presents–thank you, darlin’!

Bella & Bird

Cats of Christmas past…Miss Bella, who loved to drag that chickadee around the house, and during Christmas she would place it under the tree.  I miss you, baby girl.

Frankie and Champagne

Frankie impatiently waiting for party guests to arrive during the holidays back sometime in the 1990s.

Cheers to all my readers and friends, to a very Happy New Year!

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  1. Barbara says:

    Love those kitty Christmas costumes.

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