Dressed to the Nines and Cool Cat Tattoos

I have some serious cat lady competition. Not that I’m a competitive cat lady. However, if I was, I would be feeling a little insecure about my cat lady credentials right about now after being amongst the cat people I encountered at the L.A. Feline Film Festival on Sunday. I suppose the fact that I attended confirms I’m a cat lady; so there, I feel better already. But seriously, I truly embrace anyone who is passionate about cats and give special kudos to those who dress the part in public.

FFF Cat Lady in Pink_edited-1

FFF Cat Tatoo_edited-2

I’ve never seen such a cool display of cat couture from cat ears and tails and painted on whiskers; cat tights, cat printed dresses, cat t-shirts, cat caps and cat tattoos; sexy cat ladies, country cat ladies with aprons and bonnets; and men with cat ears and painted on noses.

And they all seemed purrrfectly comfortable in their cat attire. I thought I was so cool in my “Catifornia” t-shirt and leopard print cowboy hat. Ha! I was a mere amateur.

FFF Pam and Gary_edited-2
I don’t know what was more exciting, seeing brave Tara the Hero Cat or all the festive feline folk. If I’d just gotten a picture with Tara…the line was forever and there was too much to see (I’m not very patient).  By the way, thank you, Tara for putting cats in the ranking with rescue workers (and possibly causing a paradigm shift in those skeptics who think cats just lounge around all day!).

I had to dash off before the popular cat videos-gone-viral display began, which was the impetus for this event, but was never-the-less quite satisfied with all that I experienced.

FFF Cat Tights_edited-1

FFF Cat Lady in Blue_edited-1

From inspirational art (loved Cats in Clothes) to visits with rescue groups I’d had a fulfilling day of cattiness.  The love and dedication that the rescue groups and sanctuaries provide, and seeing the fruits of their efforts in the felines under their care reminds me that I’m proud to be a cat lady. To name a few that I visited: Stray Cat Alliance, NKLA, Fur Baby, Kitten Rescue, Petopia, Heaven on Earth Society for Animals, Ziggy and Friends Cat Rescue and The Humane Society. I have to mention the nice ladies at The Best Little Cat House luxury cage-free boarding and grooming. They are located in Pasadena, LA and Burbank, but knew of the Blue Bell Foundation for Cats in Laguna Beach (see my About page). Cat people manage to connect regardless of location!

The highlight of my day was seeing the real cats, especially the special needs cats at Milo’s Sanctuary, where I met beautiful, well adjusted blind cats and a sweet tortoiseshell with paralyzed back legs, which went almost unnoticed because of her sassy spirit. Besides the darling kitties up for adoption nothing was more amusing than seeing people cloaked in cat wear walking their cats on leashes, cats being casually pushed through the crowds in strollers and cats held like showpieces.

Feline Festival Pretty Cat_edited-1

But wait, there’s more! Coming June 6 and 7th 2015–CatConLA! Thank God because I missed Lil Bub on Sunday, but will have another chance to see the iconic cat video cutie-pie at CatConLA.

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