Samantha Saturday! Guitars and Tiaras

I savor the peace of Saturday mornings.  At last, the pressure of an intense 8 to 5 grind is temporarily behind me. At least I have my feline assistant when I work from the cottage on occasion.

I sit in the cozy chair in my “library” while sipping a large cup of organic Italian roast. The faint aroma of ocean wafts in through the open French windows and Neil Young is singing “Only Love Can Break Your Heart” on Pandora’s Joni Mitchell radio. I ponder why I’ve only heard one Joni song in the past hour. The relief of having no deadlines allows me to take in the subtleties of life.

A purposeful “Meeeowwww!” breaks my contemplation about Pandora’s music selection. I look down to see Samantha by the footstool. She lets out another more demanding cry letting me know it’s playtime.

On Saturdays I get to spend quality time with my girl. I reach into her basket of toys and pull out a few of her favorites.

Will Samantha upstage Neil with some guitar riffs?
Maybe we’ll have a game of toss the “mermouse” then play dress-up with the tiara.

Happy weekend, everyone, from Cat Lady and Queen Sassy Pants!

Can’t get enough of this sassy ginger floof?
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10 Responses to Samantha Saturday! Guitars and Tiaras

  1. Leah says:

    Adorable pictures of Samantha! We always preferred working from home, when it was possible. The kitties were an enormous help.

  2. Suzanne L O'Rourke says:

    Happy weekend, Pamela to you and Queen Sassy Pants! Hope you are doing well, and enjoying your summer. Hugs, Suzanne

  3. Marilyn J Evans says:

    So cute!!!

  4. Rachel Beattie Ault says:


  5. Mollie Hunt says:

    Lovely day.

  6. I love that feeling come Saturday after a long work week too!

  7. Sounds like a perfect way to spend a Saturday.

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