Memories on Memorial Day Weekend

Daylight I must wait for the sunrise/I must think of a new life/And I mustn’t give in/
When the dawn comes/Tonight will be a memory too/And a new day will begin…”

Lyrics from “Memory” by Andrew Lloyd Webber, from the musical Cats

I was just about to embellish my picket fence entry gate with American flags in honor of Memorial Day when the rain started coming down.  I’d thought the rainy weather forecast for today was off since by 5:00 the rain had not come; rather, it just showed up late.  Let’s hope that the weather forecast for tomorrow, Memorial Day, allegedly being party cloudy is spot-on. I must get the flags out, my small contribution for loads of gratitude for all the brave soldiers who’ve fought for our country over many, many years in numerous wars.  I can’t imagine what they’ve gone through, and my heart goes out to all survivors suffering from post-traumatic stress, and to the loved ones of those we’ve lost in combat.

Memorial Day also gravitates my thoughts to a more personal level of loss; to my loved ones, human family members, feline family members, and dear friends who are no longer here on this earth.  My thoughts are with you all, especially this weekend.  

Here’s a little pictorial memorial of my kitty angels:

Topper and Froggie

Miss Bella

Frankie who lived to be 18


Punkie who lived to be 20

And my two feline soulmates from The Blue Bell Foundation for Cats…

Smokey, who had a blind left eye from a tussle with a raccoon before he came to live at Blue Bell. I absolutely adored this rugged bad-ass-with-a-big-heart of a cat.

Abbey, “assisting” me with notes from a conference call. One of the most precious and beloved kitties in my life, despite that I only saw her once a week for a couple hours for a couple of years. Connections run deep and strong with animals, just like in humans.

I miss you all dearly and deeply.  Happy Memorial Day!

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12 Responses to Memories on Memorial Day Weekend

  1. Barbara Kaye-May says:

    Oh I love this blog Pam and the photos bring back so many memories of your kitties. Love you Mom.

  2. Marilyn Evans says:

    Love what you wrote. Loved the photos. Thank you my cat-loving friend. Love, Marilyn

  3. Jim Knudsen says:

    Pam’s, what a wonderful tribute and photos.

  4. Jerry says:

    See you at Monument Point at 11 AM 🙂

  5. thank you for sharing these precious photos of your babies. Hoping today stayed partly cloudy for you with no rain! Our rain is coming this evening, right now it is sunny but we are staying home. Have a safe Memorial Day!

  6. Catwoods says:

    This is a really lovely tribute to those lost, from our nation, and from our homes.

  7. Beauties, all of them!

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