Topper Tuesday! Tacos or Sardines….

Well, here it is Topper Tuesday and how will my cat crew be celebrating? I know, you are thinking with fish tacos and a hearty whiff of catnip. Not quite…but close! They will be dining on Sardine Meal Feast wet food by Nature’s Logic.

As you can see Topper can barely wait to sink his teeth into the new grub.


Tacos are out of the question for the cats (too bad–can you just picture their cute little paws wrapped around a taco?), but…they can eat all the sardine pate they want. Another of their preferred choices is the beef feast. I like the food because it’s free of corn, wheat, rice, soy and gluten—all of which are hard for kitties to digest as these ingredients aren’t naturally meant for their digestive systems. It’s also potato free. With Lexington in diabetic remission, I’m on the lookout for food that does not contain potato because of its high glycemic index.

IMG_8181I’m happy that they favor another top-quality food. As we cat lovers all know, healthful food is key to healthy kitties. It looks like I’ll be back to buy more of Nature’s Logic feline feasts.

Feline Feeding Fact: I’ve recently learned that cats get “whisker fatigue” and eating from a deep or narrow bowl, which rubs their whiskers can cause irritation to these sensitive “antennas.” They may stop eating before they are full, appearing to dislike the food. Try feeing them in wide, shallow bowls or plates. I’ve been feeding my cats their wet food on saucers for years, and they eat kibble out of shallow bowls. Also note that plastic plates or bowls emit smells that our feline family find offensive, so stick to ceramic type feeding bowls and plates.


Hello?  A little more paw-leeeez.

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6 Responses to Topper Tuesday! Tacos or Sardines….

  1. trishmorse1 says:

    Great Blog! Very Informative about Whisker Fatigue! Who knew? Well, I do now!
    Thanks Pamela!

  2. Mollie Hunt says:

    Thank you for the info. Our vet told us to look for a higher protein cat food. How do the Nature’s Logic products compare to others? Is it hard to find? I’ve never seen it before.

    • Hi Mollie, thank you for reading! According to the guaranteed analysis, the percentage of protein in Nature’s Logic wet food is 13%, which is higher than other quality brands. I mostly see about 10%. What is also very important, as you may know is that felines eat a meat-based protein diet. Nature’s Logic uses organ and muscle meat (no by-products or meal). Their website is very informative. I have found their products in local independent pet food and supply stores. 🙂

  3. Catherine says:

    Topper and Tacos seems to love their food so much, I wanna try this for my cat too, seems my cat doesn’t like the current cat food, thinking another brand, and thanks for the information

    • Hi Catherine, thank you for reading! I tend to change my cats’ food every once in a while as they do get bored with the same old thing, just like we do. But I always stick to a higher-grade, grain-free food. Good luck!

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