Tuning In to Thanksgiving

This Cat Lady has been very busy the past month with an abundance of new work. My consulting business is finally booming for which I’m so very grateful!


I’m especially thankful for my much-needed assistant, Bobcat—that is when he’s not cat napping.

img_6960To  get my home office efficiently operating, I’ve been making more office supply runs than usual. A recent stop at Staples to purchase reams of paper caused my fur to stand on-end when I heard, “…a beautiful sight, we’re happy tonight, walkin’ in a winter wonderland,” as I entered the store. “Seriously?” I said out loud to know one, but couldn’t help myself because the music seemed so out of place on that 75-degree mid-November afternoon. Heck, I was still trying to figure out my Thanksgiving Day plans. And so the premature Christmas music continued…in Trader Joe’s and in CVS Pharmacy.

img_4403-version-2I’m afraid Thanksgiving is being overshadowed and forgotten in the retail world’s effort to make Christmas all about spending. Black Friday used to be true to its name and now Black Friday starts on Thanksgiving Day for many stores. What is happening to our value system when shopping for a deal is more valuable than honoring family, friends and gratitude on one day set aside for just that?

dscn2091A few days ago I went to Coast Pet Supply, the local pet store in town to purchase my cats’ current favorite kibble, Premium Fussie Cat-Cat Food. I love the coziness of this store, the personal attention that the owners and staff provide, and the high-quality cat food they sell—products you cannot find in big chain stores.


Jessica and Keith owners of Coast Pet Supply & Grooming

Jessica, the owner greeted me with a big smile and an enthusiastic, “Heeey!” I told her how happy the kitties (and I) were with the new brand of litter, Cat’s Incredible that I’d recently bought and thanked her for the recommendation.  I browsed the isles, picked up the kibble and walked up to the checkout counter.


Keith and Francisco

While Francisco processed my purchase, I was involuntarily tapping my foot to the beat of—was it actually—a song without jingle bells; a song with slide guitar and a blues backbeat? I smiled as I hummed along to a Jimi Hendrix tune while leaving the store.  Ahhh…relief from too-soon-to-hear holiday music.  I was very thankful.

A big Thank You and hug to all of my readers!


Mittens & Tigger, residents of The Blue Bell Foundation for Cats

I’m so grateful for your support!



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9 Responses to Tuning In to Thanksgiving

  1. I agree with you about Thanksgiving being lost in the shuffle. I posted about that last Monday 😉

  2. Charles Huss says:

    I hope you have very nice Thanksgiving. I know what you mean about early Christmas. My wife loves Christmas movies and they used to start after Thanksgiving but they have been on everyday for the last two weeks now.

    • Hi Charles–it’s nice to hear I’m not alone in my Christmas-too-soon anguish. I feel the same about the movies! And by the time December 15th is here, we’re overdosing on Christmas movies and music!
      Happy Thanksgiving to you, your wife and your furry family!

  3. Lori DeNuccio says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and the boys!
    Another great story and my god, sooo true!

  4. Thank you for reading, Lori, and for getting it! Sooo true! Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

  5. Tanya says:

    Amen sister! Best to you and yours on Thanksgiving. Hopefully no Christmas decorations up on your Gobble Day outing!

  6. Thank you, Tanya! 🙂

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