Keep Your Cool…Cats

The Southern California heat wave has turned Laguna Beach into Palm Springs with an ocean. Since when does the temperature gauge hit 111 degrees 2.5 miles from the beach?


Since record breaking heat today. This afternoon I dashed off to Blue Bell to help keep the kitties cool by bringing extra ice, ice packs and a carton of lemonade for Rima our cat caregiver and any other volunteer brave enough to step out into the inferno. The cottage, which serves as the retirement sanctuary for the Blue Bell Foundation for Cats was built in the ‘40s and has no air conditioning like probably most of the homes in Laguna Beach.


20160618_144510The residents of Blue Bell were all sacked-out when I arrived, clearly conserving their energy. Another volunteer and I rubbed the kitties with ice cubes and put ice packs in their bedding.

Back here at the ranch, my furry family has also been extra lethargic, even with my air conditioning running (lucky me, my condo has air conditioning—not so for all of the residents in my community).



What should cat parents do to cope with the summer heat?  Hydrate, hydrate and hydrate. And that means for both kitty and you. A concern that I’ve heard from cat parents is that their cat doesn’t visit the water bowl as much as he/she should. Solution: keep water bowls with fresh water throughout your home in random areas, not just by the food bowls. Try unusual water receptacles such as a drinking glass or water drinking fountain. Notice that Topper prefers a glass over the kitty water bowl!

IMG_5439 IMG_5441

And feed kitty wet food on a regular basis meaning morning and night. Wet food contains water; therefore, helps to keep your feline fur-baby hydrated. And paw-leeez…go grain free. Remember, cats are meat-eating creatures just like their African wildcat ancestors—their digestive system has not changed!

It’s a sizzling summer solstice and while I’d love to get out and do a jig in honor of Mother Nature, I think I’ll stay inside where the air conditioner is cranked and enjoy a giant glass of ice water along with the kitties.


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6 Responses to Keep Your Cool…Cats

  1. Charles Huss says:

    Wow, that is beyond hot. We never get above 100 here in Florida but it does get humid.

    • We had 90-100 percent humidity hear last summer coupled with 90 degree heat. I actually wrote about it in my blog “It’s Too Darn Hot” and I actually compared Laguna to Florida! 😉

      Thank you for reading!

  2. Barbara Kaye-May says:

    Even the birds here were gathered in open beaked groups in any shade available.

  3. Tanya says:

    Another great story P’Kitty. Your passion for the cause is so inspiring! I think you should write a pitch for Sunset mag on Blue Bell.


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