Meet the Family


Age Unknown

Pumpkin was my first cat as an adult.  I rescued her shortly after I moved into my first apartment and she was my feline friend from 1984-1987. I took her in after several days of her hanging out by my front door, apparently abandon. While she didn’t tug at my heartstrings, I liked her company. Regretfully, I gave her to a cat-loving neighbor when I moved in with a roommate who was allergic to cats.  Silly me, I should have kept Pumpkin and found a cheaper apartment.  She was a much better roommate.


1988 to 2006

My second cat and first love. He was found abandon in an alley at the age of 6 weeks along with his littermates by a co-worker who brought them into the office in a box. Frankie and I bonded when his bright blue eyes met mine and he let out a trill. His brothers ignored me. Chemistry happens with cats just like with people. All it takes is one look.


1989 to 2009

Punkie was my precious little girl and Frankie’s girlfriend. They had a thing from the moment they met through the living room window. She peered into my window every night for a week until I took her in.  I learned that she was abandoned by tenants who moved from the apartment complex and left her in the courtyard.  Cats can fall in love too! Frankie and Punkie were a couple from day one.




Adopted from New Beginnings for Animals in 2006.  Lex was with a family who had a dog that viciously bit him, yet Lex was taken to the pound. He was one day away from being euthanized when New Beginnings rescued him. Frankie passed in January 2006 right about the time Lex was rescued. When I walked up to Lex’s cage in the adoption center, his back was facing me and his lion cut showcased the dog bite wounds.  His gorgeous face with heavy sad eyes looked over his shoulder at me.  That was it. I adopted Lex in March of 2006 and found my own happy new beginning, and so did he!

Cats 099


Punkie passed, Lex needed a friend and I needed to rescue another kitty. I adopted Topper from New Beginnings in May 2007. He was about 9 months old and full of piss and vinegar. What drew me in were his giant yellow wise old owl eyes. Lex and Topper bonded almost instantly. They are brothers from another mother, as they say. Topper was not abandon, rather came from a litter and his human mom gave him to New Beginnings where he was fostered until I fell for him.  Don’t be fooled by his looks. Wise old owl is a wise guy, yet full of love and affection.


Miss Bella

I missed having a girl and thought a kitten would be nice, but 8 year old Bella stole my heart and soul. I adopted her from New Beginnings in 2009 and was her third home. When I met her at the adoption center, she slowly came out of her cage.  I knelt down to meet her face to face.  She sniffed my forehead, cheeks and nose, stepped back and stared at me.  I was told by the volunteer that Bella had been there for months, yet never showed interest in anyone. I had to rescue this stoic beauty. It was as though she was waiting for me.

Born 2010-ish

IMG_3585 The cat who wouldn’t leave. Bobcat was the next-door neighbors’ cat for about 5 years until they moved up the road and he refused to go with them.  This wild thing who spent 90 percent of his time outdoors started to enjoy the comforts of my cozy home as I reluctantly let him in, fed him and gave him a little attention.

It wasn’t love at first sight—Bobcat’s high-strung neurotic behavior bugged me. Plus, he was too skinny, his coat was dull and eyes were crossed. He always had a look of confusion on his face and often would bolt the other way if he got too close to me—yet he wouldn’t leave me, no matter how many times I told him “No, you can’t stay. You need to go home.”

Over time his eyes went straight (no lie), his fur became silky and vibrant, and his boney body became toned.  He’s still the kookiest cat I’ve ever met and if I hear thumps and banging in the night, I know it’s Bobcat up to something silly. But I no longer tell him that he needs to go home because he’s already there.

7 Responses to Meet the Family

  1. Trish Morse says:

    Love the family – past & present!!
    The photos are precious!


  2. Tanya Garcia says:

    Love the fam Pam!


  3. Lori DeNuccio says:

    Awwww…Bob cat feels the love now and feels wanted!
    One big happy family!!


  4. Barbara Kaye-May says:

    I knew or know them all but this is a really sweet inside look at them – my kitty grandchildren!


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