Making Lemonade on Furlough Friday

Working for a large corporation has its perks:  a steady paycheck, good benefits, paid holidays… but like last year, first quarter projections appeared dismal, so two furlough days in the first quarter were mandated for many employees, including yours truly.  And once again, I grumbled about the forced days off without pay (not just for me but for all of us hard working employees subject to this mandate).  However, I can usually make some pretty sweet lemonade out of a bag of sour lemons, so I let go of my grumblings and instead, had a fabulous furlough Friday.

Gail and Pamela and Laguna Art Museum

I met fellow cat lady and dear friend Gail at Laguna Art Museum to take-in some gorgeous paintings, mixed media and charming sketches from the 1930s.   After our enjoyable time at the museum we caught-up on our respective goings-on over a delicious lunch at Las Brisas.  Gail is the proprietor of our cat café in town, Catmosphere, so I got to hear about the latest happenings with her clowder of kitties waiting for their forever homes.



Back at the cottage I took advantage of a spike in the temperature and cleaned-up my outdoor space, including washing the French windows, which were filthy with dust and water stains from the very damp weather we’ve had.  This may sound like tedious task for a day-off, but in 75-degree weather with my latest favorite podcast blaring (Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert), I was quite content.

I intended to work on my children’s book project…but the great outdoors derailed me from writing.  By the time my porch, patio, walkway and windows were clean, and plants were all watered and trimmed, it was time for a walk along the beach to catch the sunset, an absolute must when not in the office.

Guard dogs along the coast…there were actually three of them barking at all the sunset viewing folk.

I finished my day reclining on the clean porch sipping wine and watching the twilight sky turn from muted periwinkle and coral to ink-black nighttime.

And lounging with Bobcat, savoring the lemonade I’d made.

Sidebar:  So inspired by Liz Gilbert’s podcast I ended-up working for hours on my children’s book on Saturday, and have it up on my screen now, ready to continue where I left off last night.

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8 Responses to Making Lemonade on Furlough Friday

  1. Jerry Immel says:

    Nice post. I’m at Little Mission ER. Wife has serious flu 😷. Luckily there’s a big screen in the waiting room.

    Thank you, Jerry Immel


  2. gailcatmospherelagunacom says:

    Love this, Pam! Let me know if my replies posted…not very good at figuring this out. Xoxoxo Gail

    Gail Allyn Landau Owner | Catmosphere Laguna Cell: 949.439.1123 | Main: 949.619.MEOW(6369) | 381 Forest Ave. Laguna Beach, CA 92651


  3. Barbara Kaye-May says:

    Sounds like a what was at first perceived a very bad day turned into one of your very best days after all. That lemonade had a big spoonful of sugar in it! Love Mom

  4. trishmorse1 says:

    Sounds like you had an amazing day off! Love the photos of Bobcat & the sunsets!
    xo, Trish

  5. Sounds like it was a great way to spend a forced day off! And what beautiful outdoor photos!

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